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Bottom Pouring sets

Refractory bottom pouring sets are widely used in the manufacturing processes of ingots in the steel industry. These sets are specifically designed to withstand high temperatures and provide a controlled and efficient pouring mechanism. The refractory material used in these sets ensures that the molten metal maintains its temperature and does not react with the surrounding environment, thus ensuring the quality and integrity of the final product. In the steel industry, where precision and reliability are of utmost importance, these bottom pouring sets play a crucial role in the production process. They enable the smooth and precise pouring of molten metal into molds, resulting in the formation of high-quality ingots that meet the industry's stringent standards.

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Under the capable management of Mr. Jayesh Parmar, the company has crossed many milestones in this domain and looks forward to further improve and develop as an organization.

We achieve operational temperature at 1800 °C

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