Standard fire bricks IS:6/IS:8/50%/60%/70% High Alumina Fire bricks are special type of bricks that can withstand very high temperatures. It is this property that makes them suitable for use in industries where high temperatures are used for various processes. These bricks are made using fire clay and they find applications in furnaces, boilers, kilns, Hot Ovens, Dryers, Hot Chambers, etc. to line their surfaces.

There are many fire bricks products manufacturers and exporters available in India but the name of  OmSai Refractories shines the brightest. The company has a long experience and great expertise in manufacturing high quality fire bricks for use of its clients in various industries.


Size : 9″x4.5″x3″

Size : 9″x4.5″x2.50″

Size : 9″x4.5″x2″

Size : 9″x4.5″x1″

  • Usage: Industrial Use, Kiln, Dryers, Hot Ovens, etc
  • Widely demanded in the market for Sugar Mills, Glass industy, Cement Industry, Chemical Industry., etc.
  • Packaging size: Customized


  • Optimum strength
  • Fine finish
  • Robust design