insulation bricks

Insulation Bricks

We offer an extensive range of insulation bricks, insulating fire bricks. Our lightweight, precision-made insulating bricks help our customers to reduce their operating costs by saving energy.

Most of our insulating fire bricks are made from high-purity refractory clays with granulated additions of alumina for the higher temperature-rated products. They are suitable for applications at service temperatures ranging from 1250°c to 1750°c. They can be directly exposed to flame, and combustion.

Advantages of Insulating fire bricks

  • Very high refractoryness, structural strength
  • Excellent strength at ambient and elevated temperatures
  • High resistance to reducing atmosphere
  • Outstanding insulating values across the temperature range
  • Lower heat storage than denser refractories
  • Very low levels of iron and other impurities
  • Low thermal conductivity, shrinkage and creep Insulation Mortars